Communictaing with difficult people

February 9, 2007 9:41am CST
we all have to deal wit difficult people one time or another.What is it that makes someone difficult?Why do some people push our buttons more than others?How can you handle them in a way that feels better,reduce conflict,and produce the outcome you want?
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@rosie_123 (6116)
9 Feb 07
Hmmm -interesting. The main problem I have is with rude people. They like to make excuses for themselves by saying they are honest and blunt, and call "a spade a spade", but most of the time they are just damned rude and unpleasant!! I try to avoid such people as much as possible, but if I ever have to deal with them in a work environment for example, I tend to put on my best, stiff-upper-lip British cool, and be overly polite and formal with them. It invariably throws them off guard, because they don't know if you are being facetious and taking the *** out of them, or not! The more they get rude and loud, the more polite, and quiet I get!!!
• India
9 Feb 07
did u behave them like a mirror i mean u can understand same as they behave.
@gianena (256)
• Philippines
11 Feb 07
In my workplace, I can't really avoid customers who are so difficult to deal with. All I do is smile and hold my temper because I can't put the company in jeopardy. They say that customers are always right but I don't agree with this statement because they are not always right. If the customers are kinda hard to understand, I let them speak first and I wait until they are done and that's the time I tell them what I feel. Oftentimes, they listen but still there are a few who can't really understand and they get whatt they want. But at least, I avoided confrantations & conflict.;)