Suggest me a subject for a new blog.

February 9, 2007 11:34am CST
i want to start a blog. my idea is to make a popular blog and earn some money from it (with google adsense). i can write on various subjects. please help me chose a subject which you think will be more attractive. you can give your suggesions on the basis of your own area of interests. for example about what you like to search most or what type of sites you browse mostly. your ideas would be very helpfull for me. thanks
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@verbose (87)
• United States
9 Feb 07
Well the most popular are probally celebrity blogs that cover Hollywood or Bollywood. Of course that is where the main stream media is moveing so unless you a source they dont you will probally be nothing but a secondary player if thta. If you are limited to repeating with other say. On key words if go adwords I think they have a toll. But you relize the highest paid adwords may not make a good blog. What I would do is find a subject that you are an expert on and write about that. If you feel that you are not expert you can doa genral web or maybe a blog about yourself or even about your hometown or maybe a Blog with your take on the world. Now once you start a Blog it will take you some time to build a readership and also rember you are competeing a million other Blogs so you have to be Original. You might search out Free things on the web and then use those to help promote your site
• India
10 Feb 07
thank you verbose.yes i think i must start a blog about the state i live in, M.P. its a beautiful state situated at the heart of India. its famous for Tiger reserves. here are many reserved forest those are natural habitat of Royal Bengal Tiger.
@richboy7 (276)
• Thailand
9 Feb 07
Lovely - Lovely Pet
You have two choices. 1. Use the topic that you really love and you can wirte about it everyday. 2. Find the top keyword and use that for your topic. I hope you can choose the topic soon.
• India
9 Feb 07
thanks richboy. could you suggest me how to find top keywords.