Another Good Man Down - Goodbye Gilbert Trail

United States
February 9, 2007 1:00pm CST
This morning I lost my good friend Gilbert Trail to cancer. Only a month ago he learned that he had liver cancer, and was handed his "death sentence" by his doctor. They gave him 6 months, then 4-6 weeks, then 2 weeks - all within 2 weeks. His condition changed rapidly. When they brought him home he was so drugged up that I'm not even sure he knew that I was there - and we lost him this morning. I write this as a temporary goodbye to my MyLot friends. I'm moving in with my sister for a while to keep her from falling apart. This is the second husband she has lost to cancer. ...and I'm not sure she will ever open herself up to anyone again. She has a dial-up connection (no broadband available where she lives) so I won't be online much. I'm sure I'll be back, but limited visits. About Gilbert - well, he was a simple man. Extremely big hearted, and always willing to help someone out in times of need. He lived a sh*t-filled life. Starting with a rough childhood and parents who didn't seem to give a damn about him - many years of marriage to a woman who also didn't give a damn about him - he found my sister at age 63 - and finally found happiness. He put down the bottle and the gun for her - and didn't regret it even for a minute. ...and was taken by liver cancer this morning - age 64. Life is a b*tch. 63 years of hell - 1 year of good life - times up. Talk about getting screwed over. But for the past year Gilbert could rarely be seen without a smile on his face. Always upbeat and positive. Never a bad thing to say about anyone. I can be a cold-hearted @sshole, yet I write this with tears welling up in my eyes. Rest in peace ol' friend. No comments necessary. This was just something I had to get out. Please understand that I will not be available to respond to comments on this discussion, but when I return - I'll read and respond to everyone as quickly as I can. Take care. SingingPsycho
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@feralwoman (2199)
• Australia
21 Feb 07
Just the other day I was wondering how Gilbert was doing - well, ever since you did the discussion on Cancer Sux. I'm so sorry to hear that he's gone, that's really crap. Your sister is very lucky to have someone like you to comfort her at this time. He sounded like a great guy. I am feeling very sad for you both. Take care. lol
@WebMann (4731)
• Canada
10 Feb 07
That really does suck SP. I have lost a few friends and family to this beast and it is just such a waste. I will keep you and yours in my thoughts and hope to see you soon dude.