When u feel lonely

February 9, 2007 2:27pm CST
when u feel lonely then what u do? I feeel lonely i read boooks . and playing games ...but still i feel lonely.... can any body teel me wahts the selution?
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@Kanutchie (343)
• Philippines
11 Jul 08
i guest you've of creativity. you have to be craetive in so many things in this way you can feel free of loneliness. i mean try to do some creative things and se the beuty of your works like doing some hand made bag, handmade stuff toys, molding od candle, painting the base, doing paper machine base , you can seel it to or you can use it or displat it in your room. just try to make some patterns and see the beauty of your craetions. you will be happy seeing your creative works.okey Good Luck GOD BLESS
• Pakistan
7 Jul 08
make friends either online or close to you. and remeber don't expect that people will come to you when you are loonley and share your feelings.. life is very complicated these days and people are very busy, they rearely care about themself and how can they care about others. the best way to kill your lonelyness is to be there for others, when people will realize that you have been there for them when they needed someone then you can expect that others will also be there for you. you need to spare time for others no matter how much but start from today. if you follow my advice i can assure you that soon you will be giving this advice to other lonely people and have a smile on your face...just remember me in that moment.
• Philippines
1 Jul 08
When I feel lonely I don't read books coz it makes me lonelier. What I do is I open my PC and surf the web. This for me is the best solution to loneliness. See, when you surf the web you bump into so many interesting sites, virtual friends, and many more. I usually play online games, not DOTA or something, I like to play nobrainer games like chuzzle, burger king and the likes. And then I visit people.com and watch the latest fashion in hollywood or visit my friends' blogs. If surfin doesn't do the trick then I go out and eat my favorite comfort food, i usually eat chilly dog with egg or steamed rice with siomai.... Or I go window shopping.... or if not I sleep.....
@heartonfire (4128)
• Denmark
30 Jun 08
if you feel lonely then stop being it, and go to a friend, invite a friend over.. play games with someone,and not alone... go out, meet your friends, your family,your relatives.. or just go out alone and try meeting new people:)
@cuterose (1698)
• India
9 Feb 07
it seems that you have very less firends, or else you must have had a fight with your boyfriend or friends. thats why you are feeling loneliness. try to make many friends and be in touch with them. this will surely help you
@drmoney (40)
• India
9 Feb 07
lonely mr lonely i m mr lonely i have no body for my own....... yaar Asad...its simple...go n search for a girl freind...she will take care of you..