Charity or investment?

United States
February 9, 2007 5:54pm CST
Some people give 10% of their income to their church so that they will get a return of 100 fold. Is this charity or an investment? Should a person give to G-d or the church with an expectation of a return?
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@magnel (2263)
• India
11 Feb 07
Giving 10% of person is nothing like an investment of charity, its the spiritual duty of the earning member of the family.
@chiyosan (30213)
• Philippines
10 Feb 07
well it can be both, you sow in God's field and reap hundred folds. you have also helped. double purpose.
@Pigglies (9335)
• United States
10 Feb 07
I wonder what would happen if churches started selling stocks. I don't give to any causes where I don't know what the money is going to. With a church, I never could know. I guess that depends on the church. The ones I went to really didn't seem to do any charity work.
@charms88 (7540)
• Philippines
10 Feb 07
No, but I do know a lot of people thinking that way. As according to the Bible, you should not flaunt whatever charity works you did or how much you donate for a cause. In my church, people did gave money but you're not expected to give out huge amount or even you don't donate at all are acceptable. But only God will know the true desire of a person. If you did donate your money out of the kindness of your heart, then you will be rewarded.
@Anakata2007 (1787)
• Canada
10 Feb 07
True charity is giving altruistically, without expectation of return.
• Australia
10 Feb 07
Where do you get the idea that people give 10% in order to get a return of one hundred fold? If anyone does give as you suggest, they cannot expect any return. I do not know of anyone who does this, though I do know of many, myself included, who voluntarily give to God's work; not as a charity or an investment, but as a willing gift to enable the continuation of the work in which they are vitally interested.
@ukchriss (2103)
10 Feb 07
I dont know what I would call it, but it wouldnt be either charity or an investment! If a person gives to G-d or the church I dont think they should expect anything in return.