Real Christians and a Fake Christians?

@yogesh66 (1117)
February 9, 2007 6:35pm CST
Can you tell the difference between a Real Christians and a Fake Christians?
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@kavita23 (2995)
• India
10 Feb 07
I see things that way too, but we aren't really the ones to judge who's a real chistian, and who isn't.
• Melbourne, Florida
10 Feb 07
Being a Christian only means that you believe in Jesus Christ. And by that definition even Muslims are Christian. I don't think there are 'fake' Christians. I think there are many 'lost sheep' who are traveling down the wide path. There may be hypocritical Christians, but that doesn't mean they are fake, either.
@jan1972 (80)
10 Feb 07
In my opinion the fake christians are the ones who try to convert you, talk about the good deeds they have done and make a show of going to church. The real christians are the ones with the kind words, quiet gestures of kindness and they are happy to be in the background, they don't make a song and dance about it.