cartoon network exec resigns

February 9, 2007 7:17pm CST
Cartoon Network chief resigns over bomb stunt Updated Fri. Feb. 9 2007 3:26 PM ET Associated Press ATLANTA -- The head of the Cartoon Network resigned Friday following a marketing stunt that caused a security scare in Boston. The announcement about Jim Samples resigning was made in an internal memo sent to Cartoon Network staffers. In a statement to employees, Samples said he regrets the stir that the stunt caused. "It's my hope that my decision allows us to put this chapter behind us and get back to our mission of delivering unrivaled original animated entertainment for consumers of all ages," Samples said. Samples said he felt "compelled to step down, effective immediately, in recognition of the gravity of the situation that occurred under my watch." A replacement for Samples, who had been with the company for 13 years, was not immediately announced. The Cartoon Network is a division of Atlanta-based Turner Broadcasting, whose parent is media giant Time Warner Inc. On Monday, Turner Broadcasting and an advertising agency agreed to pay $2 million in compensation for planting blinking electronic devices around the Boston area in a publicity stunt that set off a terrorism scare. The agreement between Turner, Interference Inc. and several state and local agencies resolves any potential civil or criminal claims against the two companies. Bomb squads were called in and bridges and highways were shut down Jan. 31 when authorities found more than three dozen electronic boards depicting a boxy cartoon character giving the finger. The devices -- planted in a subway station, on bridges and other spots -- turned out to be part of a publicity campaign for the Cartoon Network's "Aqua Teen Hunger Force." The campaign also had been staged in nine other big U.S. cities in recent weeks without drawing as much attention. Turner and Interference, a New York City-based marketing company, have accepted full responsibility and apologized. Samples said in his statement to employees that his future will hold new professional challenges. "I will always cherish the experience of having worked with you," Samples told employees. "I appreciate the support that you have shown me." He added, "As a friend and a fan, I also look forward to seeing your best and most personally fulfilling work yet. Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Boomerang and each of you deserve nothing less." People take things way too seriously... Poor guy..
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