My wife too childist

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February 9, 2007 7:39pm CST
Huh.. Everyday My wife make me confiuse.. I don't know what can I do for her, if have wish I must compliance, if not she will crying after that will made we loggerhead. But I Always love her.. How to make her mature? please tell me.. To you know My wife 18 years old
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• United States
10 Feb 07
Maturity will come with time. But let her know that if she wants you to treat her like an adult she must act like one. I mean she is only 18 so there is only but so much you can expect although there are some very mature 18 year olds around. I would let her know that the fits she throws are not acceptable. You two are to communicate properly not throw a tantrum when she doesn't get her way. Again, she is 18, but maybe if you speak with her and encourage her to act older she will.
• Indonesia
10 Feb 07
I already speak with her, if her ready to cry.. I will keep silent.. and not talk again. If you in my possision What do you do to protect from her crying
@missytia (387)
• Australia
10 Feb 07
My 6 year old cries like this also when I talk to her about something she doesn't want to talk about. Sounds to me like you have a very immature 18 year old on your hands there.