first true love in my life

February 9, 2007 11:27pm CST
5/11/02 start a relationship with him...b4 tat day went to trip with him n whole gang of frens...during the trip he told me tat he like me n wan me 2 be his gf...he really a caring guy...treat me really gud n always make me happy...we meet everyday in sch...we really gone thru lots of thing...but time really very short for happiness juz can last 9 mth 16 days...after tat he is belong 2 another gurl...their happiness cause me heart pain..altho he hurt me deeply but i never forget all the sweet memories tat me n him gone thru 2gtheer...n we r really gud frens bt u all?oledi meet ur true love o ever meet ur true love?
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