what does the term "DIGITAL" mean exactly?how can we define it in one line?

July 6, 2006 1:06am CST
i think that when a signal is represented in discrete form on the time axis and this dicrete signal after being quantized gives what is called digital.
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@archie (36)
7 Jul 06
DIGITAL,,,,, starting of the revolutionary world cyborg , humanoid and star space technology, beyond the imagination of man...
7 Jul 06
All th eabove is good. But "digital" only means something done with the fingers. It is said that our skin will turn like the colour of our fingers in due time when the sun doesn't hit us anymore in the nuclear era. 2500 years more from today.
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6 Jul 06
Describes a method of storing, processing and transmitting information through the use of distinct electronic or optical pulses that represent the binary digits 0 and 1. Digital transmission/switching technologies employ a sequence of discrete, distinct pulses to represent information, as opposed to the continuously variable analog signal. DS-0, DS-1, Are you doing some research or a study on this?