What is the meaning of life..?

February 10, 2007 12:30am CST
For those who ask the questions and for those who have answers...
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• Philippines
10 Feb 07
Life is simply what we make out of it! We as human kind posses knowledge, have the ability to improve ourselves and definitely capable of being and becoming. We have the sole ability to think-to really know!. Especially the boundaries between the right and the wrong. So anyone cannot tell anybody that he/she is not happy with the life he or she is into. Because everything is a matter of choice. And even though you made a mistake of your decision in life at once, still you have the oppurtunity or chance to change. Simply to change for the better. In short, to be happy in life! To be happy requires many things, just many simple things... You just have to be contented.Stay calm in every situation no matter how hard and irritating is it. Be happy in every way. Learn to love and appreciate others. Those were just the ways of living a life...a happy life!
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