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February 10, 2007 12:44am CST
I am watching the Tyra show, and the topic is anorexia. There is a 27 year old woman who is 75 pounds. She says that she would rather die than have to deal with the "mental torture" of being "fat". This struck me as very selfish. I'm guessing that the disease makes one kind of blind to other things, making being skinny the only thing that person can see. Do you think that anorexia is a selfish disease?
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@mercy24a (83)
10 Feb 07
Anorexics need help. It is not a selfish disease. They have distorted body image that they do not believe they are skinny. Plus they usually have controlling parents that the only thing they can control is the food that enters their mouth. The media and fashion is to be blamed too, for giving the idea that skinny is best. Family support with professional help, is needed to restore the normal body of the anorexic woman.
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11 Feb 07
I know they need help.. and I know that the media is to blame. It was just very horrifying to think that that woman would rather die than be fat.. she would rather make her family suffer than try to be healthy.