Do you know how to take care of salt aquarium??here are some tricks on how..

February 10, 2007 12:48am CST
its not easy to take care of salt aquarium.. To get salt water from the ocean is the first thing to do and i know its not that easy.. you need to get corals and live rocks also to maintain the ph and specific gravity of the salt water..of course you will need a materials for that like the ph indicator and specific gravity indicator.. If the ph is low you need to put buffer. Buffer has a calcium ingredients to make the ph high.and if the specific gravity is too high you need to put freshwater. if the specific gravity is too high it means that there are more salt or there is a bigger amount of salt in salt aquarium.Its good that the spec.gravity of your aquarium is just equal.. if you will notice that the corals are stress they need a new salt water by changing it every week.
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