What is something that you do everyday?

February 10, 2007 5:35am CST
Other than the essentials...and essentials to me are bathing, breathing, eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom, brushing the teeth...things like that.. other than those things what do you do every day....
4 responses
@jerinm (219)
• India
10 Feb 07
Surf the net and read a book
@CRiley27 (984)
• United States
10 Feb 07
Iron. Every morning,I iron our clothes for the day. The after my son gets on the school bus for pm kindergarten, I go to the local deli for a cup of coffee.
@lkbooi (16093)
• Malaysia
10 Feb 07
Mine is exercise. After wake up and finish drinking two and a half mug of water I start doing exrcise. Pracise 54 steps of *taiji quan*. This is one of the chinese martial art with slow motion and moving, the slower the better. It's a kind of exercise for health . Some said that if well practise even can act as self-defence but I just do for exercise only. After that I'll jog for about 25 minutes.
@seen7560 (238)
• China
10 Feb 07
reading books,I't give us power