Spoon & Fork for eating?

spoon & fork - utensils used for eating
February 10, 2007 5:48am CST
do you use this? i saw on one show that a certain country was never used of using utensils for eating. they just do it by hand. i wonder. do you do that? or u use spoon & fork like me?
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@sweet_pea (3323)
• Philippines
12 Apr 11
I often use spoon and fork to eat my meals. However, if the meal is composed of rice, grilled pork or sea foods we dipped in soy sauce or fish paste with calamansi I would likely use my hands. I eat more when I use them.
@cherriemae (3373)
• Philippines
21 Apr 07
most of the time when i'm home, i prefer not to use spoon and fork specially when the viand is adobo, i love to use my hand when eating..but of course, if theres is a soup, i need to use the spoon..lol but when there are special occasion or when i'm eating in a restaurant, i need to have good table manner..it depends on the place and the food that i'm eating..
• Philippines
28 Feb 07
Yes we do use spoon and fork and we even eat using our bare hands too in case there's a seafood that needs to be eaten using our fingers. I guess Asians are known to that and Americans are known to eat using a knife and a fork. I wonder how they enjoy eating shrimps and crabs using those utensils they have.
@camille101 (1027)
• United Arab Emirates
27 Feb 07
Yeah sometimes I eat by my hand. Rice and other dry things. But more often I use spoon and fork just to really keep me from eating too much. When I use my hand I tend to overeat, they said it's more healthy (of course it must clean), and helps the appetite.
• United States
27 Feb 07
It is true that some countries eat with their hands. But, here in the USA we eat with utensils. Forks, spoons, and knives. But, if nobody is looking, hehhhehe, I might grab a little tidbit with my hands. Have a nice day my friend.
@hopeful28 (1439)
• Singapore
27 Feb 07
I use chopsticks most of the time because I eat rice from a bowl. However if I use a plate then I will be using fork and spoon. I've tried eating by hand also and it's quite fun - that was at an indian restaurant and I just wanted to try it out.
@aries_0325 (3060)
• Philippines
23 Feb 07
Sometime I am using my hand when eating but it is only in my house. I am using fork and spoon while I am in a restaurant. But sometimes I used chopstick.
@Willowlady (10665)
• United States
10 Feb 07
We use fork and spoons and a knife in eating our meals. Don't normally put the knife in our mouths though. There are many food that you just can't eat without a tool we believe. It is very interesting to note that different countries and peoples go about their daily lives in such different and interesting ways.
10 Feb 07
I tend to eat with a knife and fork, unless the food i'm eating is 'finger food' like sandwiches or pizza etc. Although some cultures enjoy using their fingers to eat I don't think that I would be able to use my fingers for the majority of food I eat as i'm quite a squeamish person, and if I pick up something that i'm supposed to eat and it feels slimy it would really make me feel sick. I'd be able to eat curry by picking it up with a chapatti like they do in India, but I wouldn't be able to bring myself to pick up food with my bare hands.
@smrohitsm (231)
• India
10 Feb 07
hi I am an Indian. Eating with bare but properly cleaned hands is considered graceful and healthy here. I do use fork, spoon or knife, But its only at some hotel or restaurant. Also most Indian dishes are difficult to eat with such utencils. It would take you ages or your food might jump out of the plate if you try eating with fork or something else. The scientific reason behind eating with hand is that, out hands contain certain bacteria in the skin which are usefull in digestion.Especially the yeast. I dont think its uncivilized to eat with hands.Its much easier and thats what I prefer. Most western people dont know that there is a difficult etiqutte to be followd while eating with your hands. It deals with how far the food can stain your hand. I cannot explain it here, as its very compicated to explain online without personal demonstration. Try eating with your hands some times, its fun, and it will also reduce the no. of utencils to be washed after a meal :). Happy Eating Buddy.
• Philippines
10 Feb 07
I use it all the time, although I must admit that sometimes I eat with my bare hands.
@MAX1966 (1029)
• Netherlands
10 Feb 07
spoon and fork.