Aevum - Metaphysical Time

February 10, 2007 10:03am CST
A very interesting story of anonymous origin once told to us by our teacher, trying to metaphorically explain to us time in heaven, purgatory and hell... There was once a man who suffered greatly in this world. His sufferings were so great that he asked God to take away his life on earth. God, being all-good as he is , decided to fulfill the man’s wishes and sent down an angel to arrange the procedure. The man, being once a sinner in his younger years was still not worthy to enter heaven, so the angel told him: “Okay, where do you want to repay your for your sins? Three days here on earth or in purgatory?”. Suddenly the man remembered all his sufferings here on earth that he told the angel, I want to repay it in purgatory. So the deal was was sealed and the angel was kind enough to drop him off the gate of purgatory. The man was relieved thinking he was lucky that he wont spend another day on the wretched earth, and so he entered. Fire blazed everywhere and the pain that he felt was nothing like any pain he has experienced before. It was so great that he thought maybe he was wrong in choosing between the two, but in any case, he said to himself I can take this pain anyway it will only last for three days, just don’t get me back to that damned place he called earth. 3 minutes have passed, 3 hours, 24 hours, 2 days and finally 3 days according to his recollections. On the third day, he felt a flick of gladness that soon in a matter of hours the angel will come back again and save him from that place he himself is starting to hate. He waited, and waited.Still he waited, but the angel didn’t come to get him. By the end of the third day he felt angry that the angel did not fulfill his part of the bargain,and that is to fetch him on the third day. And so he waited and waited while suffering the torments of purgatory. He waited there for another 3 months, 12 months, 2 years, and still he suffered. The 6th year came and 10th. After so much suffering and waiting, he is now deepin the feeling of despair.5 decades,10 decade, a century came and still no angel. Finally on his third century of suffering and burning so hard he came with an unexpected meeting with the angel by the gate. He shouted at the top of his voice (which was now almost gone) and said: “You liar, you told me you will leave me in this place for only 3 days! How long has it been? 3 centuries have gone by and you will only pick me up now?! The angel said in a questioning tone: “ What are you talking about? I’ve only left you for three minutes? You still have 2days 23 hours and 57 minutes!”
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