Are Indians Racist?

February 10, 2007 10:06am CST
Do u think Indians are racist. I do belive we are.... Wat do u say?
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@skb369 (285)
• India
10 Feb 07
of course we are! we believe we are better off than the blacks just cuz we are a few shade lighter.dont we use the word 'kaalu' or 'habshi' as an affront? we arent as much as racists as we are casteists.the chamars and the shudras and the dalits are the ones at the receiving end of all our bigotry.its sad that a country of such diversity and ancient culture still harbors such primeval notions of superiority based on ones skin colour and their place of birth. we will be the first to object to the word 'coolie' being uttered but take no umbrage at someone being called a 'chinki'. hopefully,such prejudice is coming to an end as the young indians get ready to carry india forward,for they are much more attuned to todays changing world and the reality that racism is just not acceptable.
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@ESKARENA1 (18299)
10 Feb 07
all people are naturally inclined towards people who are the same as themselves, if someone is different, ie skin coulor or language, there can be a discrimination. Yes i do think Indians are racist, so are we all blessed be keep on posting
@abhay10 (271)
• India
10 Feb 07
i dont think so!!
@BDnLacy (324)
• United States
10 Feb 07
Sure they are. But so is 99% of the world to some point. No matter what race you pick from any nation, you will find racist people. This is not only in India, nor will it end anytime soon. Well not unless we learn to accept that we are all different in one way or another, or the world ends. If you stop and think about it. It is a sad idea to think that as smart as humans are, we can't seem to grasp the aspect that we shouldn't hate a person because they look, or think differently than us.