has your written english suffered due to chatting

@jerinm (219)
February 10, 2007 10:09am CST
Cos mine has..I have the tendency to write d instead of the n hve-have,s-yes n what not in my answer sheets durin an exam... What about you???How are you dealing with it???Cos i seriously need some help!!
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@dixielol (1581)
• United States
23 Feb 07
Mine has. Alot of times I use the short form and dont even realise it. My verbal english has to. The other day someone was telling a joke & I said "LOL!" WTF? they just looked at me like i was retarded. Not that I blame them. That's the only time I've ever done that though. I dont really have any great advice on dealing with it. Just try to be carefull.
@unishwetabh (1031)
• India
12 Feb 07
Yup!!! Even suffered with the same problem when I use to chat a lot. But now, from the time I have joined mylot my english has improved. Also my typing speed has also increased a great deal. Before I never cared about the mistakes I used to make but now I do take care about it. Thanks to mylot. It really has helped a lot. Chatting....well we should keep in mind that although we use that kind of language but it should not really have any kind of effect on our daily english and our writing style. As there can be a little problem to come out of it.
@dhigambaram (1133)
• India
10 Feb 07
Well i mainly suffered with this .... so many times i put short cuts in answer paper ... nd will correct when i rem'ber ...... so mainly im tryimg to rem'ber when im puttin a ques ans ......!!