First Love

@erique (464)
February 10, 2007 10:46am CST
yeah let share it here. Who do you first love ?? have a story ?? My first love is at my high school history. The girl named 'tessa' is the one who i met when i got exam. We know each other in a strange way, because she is a cheater and i'm not a cheater in the exam. After that, we become more meet one each other, and at the last i know that she has been back to his ex boy friend. That ruin me, without she never know i love her, because i lie to her that i love someone but never mention her name.
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@fabwisp (1327)
10 Feb 07
My first love was in junior school! All the girls fancied him and I was no different. Then one day he came over to me in the playground and asked about my family and quite calmly said "Well I'm your cousin then!". I was devestated LOL. Turned out he was from a part of the family that at that point I had no knowledge of!