why nigeria

February 10, 2007 11:34am CST
why is nigeria most times generally associated with negative thing like fraud and coruption.i was chating with a friend online,when he heard that i am from nigeria, he logged off instantly.why?????????
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• Philippines
28 Feb 07
Before I start, I would like to let you know that I am currently working here in your dear country, Nigeria... Everyday, all over the place, you can hear people buzzing around. In the workplace, you can see them wasting precious company time, discussing any news they found amusing. Most specifically, these past few weeks and months, first issue then was the "almost never-ending" news about this and that governor being removed from his office because of graft and corruption issues. Then, just recently, the CNN report on the kidnapping incidents here in Nigeria. What do people normally blame for those incidents? Nigerians and expats alike, thought the same, that the people in your government didn't do their job and loot the money elsewhere. Whether there is a proof or non, still your fellow countrymen thinks the same. So do you think the world will see the other side of Nigeria? I pray that all God-fearing Christians in Nigeria to make a move to change the country forward! Nigeria had been blessed with so many natural resources! God bless you!
@xita00 (24)
18 Feb 07
It is all about the quest to get rich quick. Hard work is no longer rewarded. We need serious re-orientation to instill in us once again that success is never determined by how short it takes for one to get rich. How about you, what do you do for a living? Do you as an individual live for what you get out of life or what you give in to live?
• Nigeria
10 Feb 07
hello i am also a Nigerian sometimes i wonder why it is so but lets be frank we have some bad eggs in the country that are really letting the name of the country down by fraudulent activities so just do your own part to make the country a better place..