Xian fundamentalism!

Christians in the fires of Hell - Orthodox vicar
February 10, 2007 1:11pm CST
With all the talk of Islamic fundamentalism in the media, and the hard line approach of the Judaistic fundamental Israeli government causing death and blighting life across the Middle East, when will the Western governments strike at the Christian zealots and fundamentalists who capitalise on this kind of crisis to justify their own actions? The Christians are happily funding (and cashing in on) the slaughter of Western troops, innocent civilians and peoples of integrity, wiyj impunity. In the UK, a supposedly Anglican country, we have an Opus Dei minister for equality, and a Catholic Neo-Con Cabinet, carrying out a would-be Christian crusade, if only it didn't contradict everything Jesus taught! It's not as though in the West, we don't know how to treat Christian Fundamentalists;- The French roasted the 3 leaders of the Knights Templar in France over coal for three days on a small island in the Seine. In the UK, our greatest monarchs, the Tudors, were constantly burning, beheading and imprisoning Catholics, and Protestants under Mary, and then had Oliver Cromwells Puritan Republic banning cavorting and dancing. The Spanish had the Inquisition, and the Italian Papacy slaughtered the Bulgars, Cathars and Gypsies. When will Christian Fundamentalism become illegal again, RC faith schools closd down, and Opus Dei burnt at the stake? Your thoughts please.
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@angelicEmu (1311)
11 Feb 07
LOL! Excellent post. I definitely think the world would be a better place without any hard-line religious groups - but if you banned them they might go underground - they have many powerful supporters as you've mentioned. So the only way to rid the world of this blight, is to have a revolution, and ban religion altogether in a communist stylee! That's probably not going to happen though (more's the pity), so a decent moderate secular education for all children is probably the way forward... The image of Ruth "Potter" Kelly and Tony Bliar (no that's no typo) burning at the stake does bring an evil grin to my face! LOL!