Number 13

Number 13 - what you thin this is lucky number or not.
February 10, 2007 1:59pm CST
I have listen stories about number 13. It is believed that this number is not thought to be lucky but it is thought to be unlucky. Many people think that is true but my personal opinion is that it is just a story. If you believe in numbers what is your lucky number and what is your unlucky one?
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• France
13 Feb 07
this is just misbelieve.
@howard96h (11641)
• New York, New York
10 Feb 07
I personally don't think # 13 is bad but there are a lot of high rise buildings that do not have the 13th floor. The elevator goes from 12 to 14. So can anyone explain this?
• Canada
10 Feb 07
i'm not superstitious at all so the number 13 doesn't bother me. i don't understand why a number should scare someone. why are people afraid of the number 13 and not 666. i mean 666 is the devils number so what's with 13, what does that signify?
@072006 (1278)
• India
10 Feb 07
i dont beleive taht number 13 is unlucky number and all those blah blah, well whatveer i have heared about number 13 always turned into bad and scary things, but i beleive these all are stories, whatever i have to do, i never go with numbers as lucky and unlucky one.