your talent as your bread and butter

February 10, 2007 2:20pm CST
I really wonder why, in the world i have this very good talent in singing and yet i cant use it to earn money, maybe my looks and my talents do not goes along well. now adays, to be appreciayted as a talented person, first you have to be , of course beatiful, acceptable to the society which way back before wasnt like that,have u seen mariah carey doing concert wearing a hat in long coats?well she's not like that anymore, personality counts, a lot. well as for me i know im good in singing but why cant i use it, or its just that im affraid of criticsm?
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• Philippines
11 Feb 07
If you are good in singing,why not start from band group so that later on you will be discover. One of the singer here started as a lead singer of the band.One time they were invited to sing in a TV sitcom,and there they were offered to make an album. Or why not sing in a bar...Even newspapers they are looking for singers in a hotel or in bars to sing for 2-3hours and you will be paid with big amount per night or per hour or per month.