do you have an annoying neighbor

@lynn3024 (198)
February 10, 2007 2:44pm CST
My husbands cousin lives next door to us his son is sixteen. He is constantly here everyday all the time. I like to have time to myself sometimes with just my husband and kids. Even when we go to town he wants to come with us everytime.he doesn't know how to be quiet when the baby is sleeping and he is here some nights until 11 oclock. My husband say he feels sorry for him and maybe i'm selfish but what about me?
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@AskAlly (3626)
• Canada
11 Feb 07
Yes, but thank goodness he is a few miles down the road. He always picks the most inopportune time to show up. I have never liked him and neither does my mother. The other day my daughter in law called me in a panic because she saw he was headed for her place. My mom and I were there in a flash to run him off. His gives every woman I know that "NO" feeling. He never married and lives with his brother who we rarely see. You need to tell your husband he has to set some guidlines for his cousin. Even family can wear out their welcome in some cases.
• Indonesia
10 Feb 07
Yeah, I have one, this man is always play music very loudly in the early morning. I've already told him to turn volume down, it's disturbs me a lot. But he don't care. If I don't know about any law, I may burn over his house.
• Canada
10 Feb 07
No , I wouldn't say my neighbours are annoying . They are much older then we are so we don't bother each other at all . They go there way and we go ours but if we needed something I know they would be there to help us out .