Define Friends.... Can we or Can we not ..

February 10, 2007 2:46pm CST
Does anyone have a much defined, acceptable, a very logical definition to this word. IS this word , only a word, or does it add essence, adds a factor to our life..... For me its too confusin, if they are always good, would there be a category of bad ones and good ones...... lovable ones, best ones, ture ones, why so many categories....... Why as time passes, things changes, priority changes ..... thoughts process changes..... of friends.... So callled ones.... R they really in existence or have we the people made a word "to define people around us that r not blood related........", a word for person we know, cause we never and always have not seen the thin line that exist between " A Person u know " and " a Person who is ur Friend", we always mistakenly, rapidly say he is my friend, for one knows him/her only for a day..... Or is it always be about trust....
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