Has Anyone Tried To Cancel A Bally Total Fitness Memebership????

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February 10, 2007 6:11pm CST
I heard they are REALLY hard and will NOT let anyone cancel NO matter what! I am trying to cancel mine. They think it was just due to relocation. I wrote them a letter and included my new address. I said it wasnt just relocation but we CANT AFFORD IT! And we DONT want a GYM anymore. As in we dont NEED it, NO time for it, and WE HAVE NO JOBS! Still they write me and WONT cancel it! They think its just relocation and list two clubs one that is 25 mint away and I said the other one was 20 mint the closest one IS. That is from driving NOT looking it up online. They claim there is a "3rd" GYM but not listed for me online! I have to say this much too. My credit card/checking account card expired at end of December last year. So they CANT keep charging me cause I never updated it. But they can send someone after me to try to get my money from me. Which is WRONG! Has anyone else dealt with them? What should I do? I've done all I can! I am about to write them a HUGE nasty email cause they DEFENTLY not paying attention. They think I only want to cancel cause of location. I stated in Orange County we had clubs VERY close. We had 2 that were within 5 mint and one more in 10 minute away. NOT 20 or more minutes! Its like do you fly there? One of them says 25 mint online to get there its probably like 30 mint. I know the one thats 20 mint away online it says it will take 15 mint! I HATE BALLY'S! Why oh why did we sign up last year. NEVER EVER USE THEM! They are bad THEY ARE WRONG! And they dont care they WILL NOT LET YOU CANCEL AT ALL!!!! GGGRRRR
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13 Feb 07
I do not know about Bally total fitness, but I do know, that my brother and sister have lost a lot of money due to cancellations. With my brother, he had an even harder time, with in-shape, because they would not let him cancel, they insisted that they get their money, even if he was not going to come, for the full time of the contract. So, my family was paying for it for several months, because they would call and harrass and insist that they get their check. We had tried and tried to explain it to them. My mom even told them that he was not an adult, only 19, at the time, when he signed up, and so he can't be asked to keep paying when he did not even know what he was doing. Of course, we told him not to sign up, because of what happened to my sis, but he did not listen. And then, he had no time, because of work, and also he lost interest. So, all in all, I believe that the contract is up now. In your situation, they are going to send it to a collection agency, if you do not pay it. You MIGHT, be better off going through it that way. Even though it is breach of contract, what happens is, that when the collection agency sends you their claim, you can respond with all the reasons (you tried to cancel, they do not understand, you have no jobs, are students, are relocating, etc...any reason that is going to help you win your claim), you type it up formally and professionally, and send it back. They could settle on a small amt, or just let it go. Find out, if it will effect your credit. If not, go for it. If it will, continue to fight the gym on the phone.
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11 Feb 07
hahahaha...have you ever seen the episode of Friends where Chandler tries to cancel his membership and they wont let him? So, Ross goes with him to help him and he ends up going home with a membership too!