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February 10, 2007 11:49pm CST
since primary sch i like 2 step into kitchen 2 peep on my mum on cooking...likes to cook different types of dishes due 2 my own feeling...especially defferent type of spaghetti...really wish can find a person tat willing 2 taste for it...till now really dun hav the chance to do it...mostly can cook during modern cooking competition at camping...n sometimes cook at home n ask frens to's happy 2 cook alot n others taste on i wish 2 learn 2 bake cake especially cheesecake n chocolate cake cos i myself like it n frens around me likes it so much 2...wish 2 bake them a cake during their bday especially her...
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@diansinta (7549)
• Indonesia
11 Feb 07
cooking - cooking image
i love to cook too. i understand that if you cook with happy heart, then anything you cook will taste good. my mother was angry once, lol and her meal taste awful lol^o^
@Bunny2 (2102)
• Australia
11 Feb 07
Dreamy Swirl Cheesecake - Dreamy Swirl Cheesecake is a favourite among my family and friends. Even people who are not big into cheesecakes love this one!
Here's a cake that is the best of both worlds for you - a chocolate swirl cheesecake. It's wonderful!Dreamy Swirl Cheesecake 200 g pkt chocolate crunch biscuits 60 g butter/margarine, melted 2 tablespoons dark rum (I use port/sherry) ¾ cup raisins 750 g Neufchatel or packaged cream cheese ½ cup sugar 2 eggs ½ cup sour cream 2 tablespoons plain flour 100g pkt cooking chocolate, chopped 1. Crush biscuits and mix with melted butter. Press into base of an oiled 23 cm (9in) springform tin and chill. (I use a square tin and use baking parchment) 2. Pour rum over raisins and leave for 30 mins (I microwave for a minute or two) Beat cream cheese with sugar, eggs, sour cream and flour until smooth (I do this in a food processor with blades). Add soaked raisins and blend. 3. Melt chocolate 4. Pour cheese mixture into chilled crust. Spoon melted chocolate on top and swirl into top of cheese mixture with the blade of a knife. Bake in a moderate oven for one hour, then leave in a turned-off oven until cold. Chill before serving.
@skyblu3 (34)
• Philippines
11 Feb 07
wow thats nice.. can i be judge at the tournament, i love to eat =p