how do i break up with my freind?

February 11, 2007 3:58am CST
hey guys i need help...... my friend always phones me to go to his house and if i say no he says WHY? like a stupid 3 year old.. i would have to make up a good excuse in 2 seconds or else i will be forced to go to his house... anyways, one day he phoned and i said NO and he says the stupid WHY? again. and i lost my temper with his voice like that so i say "cuz ur an a$$hole" he hangs up and rats to his "mamma" and i got grounded for 2 weeks!! WHAT??? so i put revenge on him by making a 100 rumors behind his back and i said " i dont want to be ur friend anymore A$$HOLE!!" so he rats to the school principal and i got suspended for " harrassing students" WHAT THE HELL????? how do break up with my friend without him overeacting?? and even if i say that i dont want to be his friend any more politely, he starts crying and i get grounded for DOUBLE that time!!!.. AGAIN!!! next time he cries. i will be grounded for a whole month.. please give some advice i really need it.. i even have to skip all of my homework and get and "F" on my report card.:( he is a major problem in my life and sometimes i think he's doing all this on purpose and wants me to fail everything.. he wants to laugh at me in the future that hes working for the president and that i will be on welfare doing part-time highway cleaner...
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@mhv236690 (341)
• India
11 Feb 07
tell him that ur busy a few times and then after a while hell ask you why u are busy always then tell him u have work to do and cannot always spend time with him,tell him that he is not the only thing in ur life tell him u also have ur personal work to do!!and that if u keep going to his house u will be wasting ur time