Professional Wrestling

February 11, 2007 6:53am CST
Now I have been watching pro wrestling namely the WWE ever since I was 14. Agreed the matches are staged, The moves are supposedly pre-planned, the wresltlers are categorised are faces and heels... The point I am trying to make is that despite being aware of all this why do millions and millions of people like me continue to be enthralled by wrestling. Perhaps its because of the deicated eforts of the wrestlers who put their bodies on the line show after show risking very real and very serious injuries. A hammer is a hammer and when hits you with it on the jaw it HURTS. Just last month fans witnessed the grivious injury that Joey mercury suffered when his face was smashed with a steel lader... such accidents can prove fatal and kep reminding the fans that everthing cant be staged, and there is always a chance of serious injuries. A cut on forehead or a bleeding lip is enough in boxing to make the referee stop the match... these so called "actors" of the pro wrestling industry lose gallons on blood, tear tendons, fall several feet from the air (and very ackwardly at times) have their heads smashed with steel chairs, regularly allow themselves to be kicked in the groin...some of these brutalities can be faked and but what about the trauma of not being able to spnd time with your family, staying away from them for months on end... All sports have specifc season... there is no such concept in wrestling...spare a thought for those budding wrestlers whose careers end due to freak injuries... Pro wrestling is a hard, painful profession. The instant fame and the huge amounts that wrestlers are able to make is but is very minor consolation for their sacrifices. So the next time some one calls wrestling fake, just smash their heads with a steel chair or kick them in the groin (Just Kidding)
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