Love of your life

February 11, 2007 7:45am CST
I consider my girlfriend, my family and my job as the love of my life. What yours and why do you consider them?
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• India
15 Feb 07
Yeah you are Right.. I am also in the same situation not to lose my girlfriend and either my parents too along with my high aspirations about my job. But am facing b big problem that my parents doesnt want me to marry my girlfriend. am in very tense in some situation when i thnk about my future, ... give me ur suggestions!!!!
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• Philippines
17 Feb 07
I'm, not good in advice but I'm a bit old fashion so let me say these... 1. a girlfriend can be replaced but not your parents 2. your parents loves you that's why they said you don't have to love her but if you love somebody you have to get it, pursue it and hold on no matter what and period.. end of the story 3. parents usually happy,afraid and somehow confused (different emotions) when thier son/daughter are getting married 4. you're a man... you should take responsibilities of all your actions whether good or bad... your parents will be proud having a responsible son (of coarse your decisions justifies the means) 5. and last but not the least.. get a grip bro.. it's your life you don't want to have any regrets in your life (am I right)... decide well and good luck. :)