Anyone using Blogcharm?

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February 11, 2007 7:59am CST
I have been on Blogcharm for almost a year. This site gives its writers a portion of their advertising each day. They base this on the number of page views you get. They also split home page advertising with writers based on the amount of traffic they have. As I said, I have been on there for almost a year and have made very little. It's because I have very little traffic. My topics may not be the most attractive, but surely there must be some who want to read my material. My question for those who use Blogcharm is, how do you drive traffic to your blog? I am usually lucky to get 4 or 5 views in a week. You can guess that doesn't amount to much. I also write on WritingUp and get 200-300 per article. I think WritingUp is geared more to get more readers to articles. Blogcharm seems to force the writer to get his own traffic. So, what are your suggestions? I am just about to completely delete my Blogcharm account and spend my efforts elsewhere.
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11 Feb 07
Focused blogs usually draw more traffic than the ones that talk about everything under the sun. Find a topic or a few topics you enjoy that you can share with others, and stick with those. Or establish an interesting personality. Some blogs are funny, some are confrontational or controversial. Diary-type blogs are interesting only to the writer's friends and family. Also make use of tags or categories, if your blog platform supports them. Without those, people searching for topics you write about may never find you. Could you tell me about Writingup? I looked at it and Blog Party, and wanted to join Writingup. My registration didn't go through--never got an email with the password. I emailed support and never got a reply. Also the site goes down a lot, so I'm wondering if it's really worth trying again. Do you make any money from Writingup? Any suggestions about joining? I tried registering again with the same name and was told I was already registered, but I couldn't get a password. Support there doesn't seem to be very good.
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@chanter (372)
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6 Apr 07
Same here. (^-^) I've just posted a question about blogcharm. I've registered to writingup to but didn't recieved a confirmation eamil,/ or a password so I can't log in to the website. I've also signed up to triond, but it pays on royalties, and you can blog on any language. Have you heard about triond? Does it worth a try?
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