Should Sachin retire gracefully

February 11, 2007 9:39am CST
Is it time ??? Is it better to retire when u r at the top of ur game like Kapil or Gavaskar did or be thrown out of the team disgracefully like Shastri ?
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@darshakk (2142)
• India
11 Feb 07
see if u observe sachins game u will notice that he is playing gracefully and a very good game....there is no reason no remove him ....he is performing.....then why do u want to remove him......can u tell me mate????
• India
11 Feb 07
He is not playing well at all. u take his last two innings where hi supposedly made a century and a fifty he was dropped by opposition (sitters) early in the innings. In Ranji also he was lucky in the first innings. I think it is time
@player143 (879)
• India
25 Feb 08
Yes Sachin should retire gracefully.He should take the correct decision on this issue.Sachin tendulkar is the best batsmen of India.He had 80 centuries in International cricket.Sachin tendulkar has scored oves 16000 in ODI and abt 11000 in test.He has the highest experience in the international format.Sachin tendulkar played over 400 matches in one day international and over 100 test matches.Sachin tendulkar came to the Indian team at the age of 16.He made his first century in one day international in his 74th match.There was a time in indian cricket where the victory of India was decided on the performance of Sachin tendulkar.He is also a very good parttime bowler.Sachin tendulkar's best two bowling performance was against Australia and Pakisthan at Kochi.Even though Sachin tendulkar had a very good test series in Australia he is not performing well in one day intermational.Sachin tendulkar was the highest run getter in the test series against Australia.He also got two test centuries in Australia in the test series playd in 2007-2008 season.Sachin is a valuable player that any captain like to have in the team.He serving India for 18 years.
@sajuman (1854)
• India
12 Sep 07
no he can play ....until he die...Sachin tendulkar is a cricketer,but above that he is a and lose will happen in everyone's life.As a true fan we have to congratulate when he plays well and same time we have to support when he is out of form..The problem that sachin faced may happen in every famous stars..I have no doubt about sachin's talent..
@hiveenu (521)
• India
18 Feb 07
Hi, first I would like to point out that kapil and gavaskar hadn't retired when still on top. Gavaskar was kept in the team for his 10,000th run and kapil to beat sir richard hadlee's record. Both retired well after they passed their prime in their career, but in those days it was possible for them to do so, in spite of underperforming in their last years. In fact, none of the notable successful indian cricketer retired gracefully till this date when still on top. Having said the above, I'm sure sachin is such a perfect gentleman that he'll retire gracefully on his own terms while still on top. In fact, he may already be considering this option just after the world cup. He will definitely serve as an example as usual regarding how to retire at the appropriate time for others to follow suit.
• India
17 Feb 07
After 17 yrs of international cricket nobody should doubt sachins committment the last two matches he has shown through his all round capabilities that is days are not yet over.