Why do people feel the need to attach other cultures ?

@kk_84in (1688)
February 11, 2007 9:59am CST
Recently I pulled into a parking spot, pulled through, so I do not have to back out (I hate backing up). As I was three-quarters of the way through, a man tried pulling into the space I was moving into. He kept telling me to back up, I refused. He got out of the car and looked at my sweat shirt and said, "you must be a dumb pollock because your from michigan," with his heavy New York accent. Is it just me, or do all New Yorkers have such a nasty attitude about everything.
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• India
11 Feb 07
when managing a team iin foreign location, when doing a business abroad, when working with a multicultural team. then some cultural difference occur. so people think of dominating and ruling the other culture which influences.so they attack. if we look at the past most of the rulers they attacked to dominate and rule the places which influenced them