Best forum script!

February 11, 2007 11:10am CST
What's the ebst forum script? phpBB? IPB? vBulletin? other
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• United States
22 Jun 09
phpbb is great from a learning standpoint because a lot of updates and modifications are done manually. vBulletin is a great forum script and wins over IPB. Though I will say that with the recent drama of vbulletin and the released 3.0 for IPB... IPB is catching up fast.
• United States
17 Jul 09
I think IPB is the best. I have been using IPB since 2005. There are plenty of great mods and skins through ipp. Every time that they upgrade to the next version, everyone has to redo their mods and skins. I have to go through all of my skins that I had created for ipb 2.2/2.3 to 3.0 which is not going to be easy. Its not like a simple upgrade. They have changed some things in the skinning system. Not everything is the same like it was before in the previous board versions. I am going to do what I didn't do with my previous skins and incorporate it into the new ones that I am making now that 3.0 is out. VB I experience as a user only. IPB is great, but the only thing that ipb is lacking is the group option and having multiple usergroups.
@asturmas (251)
• Portugal
19 Feb 07
The best is vBulletin!
• Portugal
19 Feb 07
thank you
@Nameless_ (1180)
• Australia
7 Dec 09
I am not sure in terms of paid forums, but I know that IPB (Invision Power Board) is a very good forum script that can implement other outside scripts. But if you are looking for a free forum script, then the best one will have to be SMF (Simple Machines Forum). Hands down!!! SMF is the best. The smileys are good, they have less technical errors than phpBB, and it is easy to configure. If you don't want to pay for the script, use SMF. Cheers, Nameless_
@blueSoul (277)
• Romania
22 Oct 09
I think that phpbb is the best open source forum software. I don't know much about vBulletin, but i've heard it's a great script. If you want to start a forum and don't afford vBulettin, go for phpbb.
@xdefault (10)
• Indonesia
11 Jan 08
I think that phpbb is the best because it's free and easy to install. You can apply mod for your phpbb such as rpg games,shop system,ect. You can download phpbb mods at or
@lifetalk (680)
• Pakistan
7 Apr 07
Well, i'd say, it's literally useless to compare vB and phpbb. I mean, vB is premium paid script that offers more customization and features which are already built in, while for phpbb you have to apply a hell lot of modifications before you can achieve the functionality that's anywhere close to vBulletin. Apart from that, phpbb is not AJAX, which is where it loses! Anyways, comparing IPB and vBulleting, i'd say, vBulletin still rules, but then, they really are costly! As for IPB, it's good for forums that are not too large and cannot afford vBulletin!
@simsyto (31)
• Bulgaria
7 Apr 07
• Portugal
25 Feb 07
I prefer phpBB, it's easy when we learn and I love it!