I wanna know something about CS-pro

February 11, 2007 11:24am CST
even though i love cs1.6 so much more,however, it have to be replaced by a new CS edition sooner of later. i'd rather the new CS edition was CS-pro than CS-source! Can you tell me something about CS-pro? When it could be completed ?
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• Indonesia
19 Feb 07
CS-pro? I haven't heard about that before. Wat's the different of CS-pro and CS source?
• China
20 Feb 07
cs-pro is called "counter strike - professional" firstly, do you know e-sports ? cs1.6 is one of most important game in e-sports, many people work it as professional player. However, cs-1.6 has been playing for many years, so it's too old.the following edition was CS-source, but most of professional players rejected that cs-source to replace cs-1.6,because of it was poor suit to competive gaming. subsequently somepeople decided to develop a new edition from the source code of cs-source, and it called cs-professional. that is all i knew about it ..i didnt heard something about it anymore after..
@coolhunkz (360)
• Philippines
12 Feb 07
i haven't heard about cs-pro yet.but were using the cs condition zero.have you ever heard about that.
• China
12 Feb 07
As what i known.cs1.6 ,condition zero, source are 3 primary editions of counter-strike. cs-professional is still developing now. i heard the information that Pro would be developed before one years ago,but i didnt heard anything about Pro after ..