head pain

@tibbler (229)
United States
February 11, 2007 12:27pm CST
what do you do when you get a headace..? Or how do you get rid of them..? I get them all the time when I don't get enough sleep the night the night befor. I hate it.
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@Shelite (212)
• Canada
11 Feb 07
One thing to remember is to make sure that you are hydrated. I find that the moment I forget to drink a glass of water about every hour I get headaches. Normally I use advil...they work fast for me. Another thing that you can do is rub linamint on your forehead. The older generation that I know swears by this. It seems to draw the pain out. Also a friend who gets migranes has told me to hang your head upside down. Headaches are caused by lack of blood to the brain so you need to send that blood back in by turning upside. Sounds silly doesn't it...but it works! Good luck! And hope that you're feeling better!