what did you learn from spiderman?

February 11, 2007 12:45pm CST
in my opinion i liked his sacrifice and with hiding his identity i like this kinda sacrifice also he did hide his love although it was real so whats your opinion?
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• India
17 Feb 07
you got it rite chap,with great powers come great responsbilities....this is wat life is all about.....we get new responsbities as we get older day by day and all we have to do is use the powers in a +ve way..thats wat he did.........and the father's passion towrds his son(talkin abt Mr.Osborn's episode he never wanted his son to know that he was Green Goblin.......)the movie was really super
• India
11 Feb 07
the most imp point was mentioned at the end of the first part. it is - " with greater powers, u have greater responsibilitise". repeat this line once again in ur mind...u'll fell the depth of the sentences.
@LittleMel (14036)
• Canada
11 Feb 07
I learned that even if you can't fix your past mistakes, you can learn from it and not make the same mistake again. He was angry with his boss for not paying him the money he won from boxing, so he let the robber go and this person killed his uncle for stopping him. I like the movie.