Odd Happenings At The Laundry Mat

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February 11, 2007 4:21pm CST
Yes, even I on ocassion will go to the laundry mat when and if my dirty clothes becomes an unscalable mountain. On one these few and far between days of being at the laundry mat. I witnessed this elderly couple come in. Before they placed their clothes in any of the washers the would spray down the inside of it with Lysol than wipe it down. After their clothes were washed they went through the same wipe down process with the dryers. I have to admit that is one of the strangest things I have seen. Was definately of the norm. After awhile I started to wonder if they were that worried about catching something odd and unusual why didn't they purchase a washer and dryer of their own? I do understand that some elderly folks can't afford such things, but these folks looked as if they could afford one. Especially with them wearing name brand articles of clothing that looked to be worn right out of the store. You would think if one was that afraid of catching something they would find a way to get a remedy to not having to be around such a place that may be a breeding ground for said germs. Have any of you ran into any odd happenings at your local laundry mat? (If you use one of course)
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@crazynurse (7489)
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17 Feb 07
I read an article a few years ago on CNN's health site. The article was written by the Centers For Disease Control in Atlanta. It stated that they had gone around the country and tested washers in laundrymats for bacteria and most had high levels of E.Coli. The article did say that if you were going to cold water wash in a laundrymat washer to first spray it with a clorox (or any chlorine bleach) mixtture: 1 part clorox to 3 parts water. Apparently E.Coli from small bits of fecal material on underpants was the culprit. The same article discussed that most public swimming pools had E.Coli, despite the chlorine being used (couldn't keep the chlorine high enough if a lot of swimmers) and to not open your eyes in the water or let it get into your mouth. The pools that had this problem were the ones where there were a lot of babies in the water in the diapers made for swimming or any other diapers.
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21 Feb 07
My goodness. You learn something everyday. I never new this. I'm glad I have a washer and dryer in my house. Years ago when I used to go to a laundramat, I never thought about wiping either the washer or dryer before using it. Lloyd
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11 Feb 07
Ok, I have to take my Oversized Comforters to the laundry mat when I don't feel like getting dry cleaned. I always and I mean always wipe out the inside of both the washer and dryers, including the doors, before I use them. Always. Here is why. I know various different people who take the nastiest things to the laundry mat so they don't icky up their own washer. Like vomit filled blankets, dog peed and pooped up rugs, a Guy I know takes his painting clothes there and washes them with paint and junk all over them. So besides the fact that I don't want to catch anything from anybody else, I am always worried that someone put too much bleach in their clothes and it will get on mine. I once saw a drunk guy pee in the washer while someones clothes were in there. I never leave my stuff there, in fact I sit right in front of it to make sure no one even breathes on it. ;D
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12 Feb 07
Well I can understand that, cause some people do bring in some rather nasty things, but here at the laundry mat I go to there are strick rules that state that we cannot wash paint covered or car oil covered articles of clothing. The guy who owns it has it under surveillance 24/7 with a posted security guard to make sure rules are followed among other things. Plus the laundry mat is very clean. So it just seems very odd to me.