survey on a notice

February 11, 2007 5:26pm CST
basicly (you mind think it a bit strange but) wanna find out how many people ha ha lol look out from either a bus or train an look at the PUB you are passing and actually be, if you like nosey. ha only as i was recently in one and looking out side, noticing how many people actually look in and take notice!! Just a thouhgt and would like to make a pole from that and see what see what next............ replys will be noted. thanks
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11 Feb 07
Hmm.. I always stare out of a train or bus, but not necessarily into pubs. When I'm walking in town, I don't usually look at the pubs unless if I'm looking for a place to eat. Otherwise it's just not that interesting.
12 Feb 07
yer sorry it jus seems that you notice pubs more, well me anyway ha ha is that sayin somethin!? there is allways some thing you notice and as i live in the city (no excuse really) apart from other things as i said earler i notice a few people look in, an a wonder what they be thinkin. ??