Ack! I'm out of dishsoap..

@imsilver (1667)
February 11, 2007 5:46pm CST
Now, I know a few people who, when they run out of shampoo, use dishsoap to wash their hair but does it work the opposite way as well? Can you use shampoo to wash the dishes? Or should I just put a bit of bleach in the water? Right now cash is in short supply and I can't just run off to the grocery store and pick up more dishsoap. What should I use if I can't find anyone to lend me some dishsoap?
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@mimatexas (1835)
• United States
12 Feb 07
I use liquid detergent when I run out of dishsoap. I have never used shampoo, it might work out, I think.
@xXmeganxX (4421)
11 Feb 07
hi there, ive run out of this before and ive used either shampoo or bubble bath, it doesn't do any harm to your dishes, really it's all the same because im sure you rinse all your dishes with water after washing them!
11 Feb 07
Hmm... I would NEVER use dishsoap on my hair, for one. It scares me. When you're done doing the dishes, your hands are all raw and nasty, imagine what it does to your hair! I know someone who uses normal bathing soap to wash their hair though. Although, bars of soap last much longer than the liquid kind they're selling right now. As for your question, I'd suggest a mix of the three!! :D You could put some bleach, shampoo and soap? I think shampoo must be stronger than soap, and I definitely think bleach would do the best job... So maybe just shampoo and a bit of bleach? You have to be careful to rinse it off really well afterwards though! Good luck with your dilemna!