My sallary is low

February 11, 2007 6:07pm CST
I've been working as a bankers for almost five years now, my Country is the Southeast of Asia..My sallary is is about $220 per month. Do you think is to low for me?? I really want to know how much a bankers sallary in other Country..please reply me..
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12 Feb 07
gosh thats a bit scratch that....its sh*t low!! here in uk...u could get about 5-8 pounds...per hour depending on your post!!but maybe your fine by your home currency!! imean wat currency do u guys use...wats the rate against the us dollar??!but anyhow...the pound has higher currency rate......
• Indonesia
13 Feb 07
wow 5-8 pounds an hour...i wish i can earn that amount of money
@aesopm (306)
• Indonesia
16 Feb 08
I think it depend on, If you are still single i think it's enough. but if you are have married i think it's too low moreover if you have children. I think if we have married we should have salary min. is $270 per month or in indonesia is Rp.2,5 juta (minimum).
• Hyderabad, India
12 Feb 07
Low labour cost, low labour force level of qualification this s same in all contries in india bank employ get 270$ per month
@merkava (1225)
• Philippines
12 Feb 07
You're lucky. My friend who works as a data encoder gets just around $180 a month. I thought we would get the an amount like $300 per month. He used to work for a call center. In the Phils. the call center business is the staple job for those who are looking for quick cash. But remember, call center jobs are just jobs, not careers. It pays a little better though but I doubt it's worth it because you have to constantly brutalize your body with those graveyard shifts and after a month you'll get paid around $300to $350 per month and that's with the graveyard nightime differential of 30%.