slim = beauty?

February 12, 2007 1:02am CST
guy all like the thin and slim gal.. for those who dun hv a slim body gal always consier as ugly gal in the guy theory.. and gal will always kill by the slim.. eventhough know its unhealthy way to keep fit but stil will try it just cause wanna attract guy to look at them.. is it true tat slim=beauty?? how bout ppl who are chubby??
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• Malaysia
14 Feb 07
even though slim does not represent beauty, but it cannot deny that this world is so realistic that almost all guys tend to judge or getting to know a gurl from their outlook. Guys are interested on those gurls who are very tall, slim and with a pretty appearance. But there are also some guys who do not judge gurls by thier physical appearance.
• Malaysia
12 Feb 07
me myself is fat...but i really dun agree tat slim is beauty...but i agree tat guys nowadays like slim gurl...we can c around us fat gurls oso hav their own pretty juz not their body size...y they must kip fit juz cos of guys theory?...fatty gurls oso can hav their happiness when they find a guy that luv them's hard but it's really happen...