Jet Lee, Steven Seagal & Tony Jaa(Ong Bak)

February 12, 2007 3:08am CST
hey ppl ... if jet lee, steven seagal and tony jaa were to fight against eachother in a full-contact match ... who do u think wud win?? i'm not too sure myself... But my pic is JET LEE!! his speed, skills and agility is second to none...he is a SMART fighter who observes & learns from his opponents. Though steven seagal is not toooo speedy but still can turn his opponent's own speed against him...this cud get really leathal cuz eventually this wud tire the opponent. Tony jaa on the other hand is a great fighter with very quick movements and heavy blocking abilities but his fancy kicking does not seem to be powerful enough to get the above two great fighters down. who wud u rate for?? ;)
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@mantis36 (4223)
• Philippines
7 Sep 12
i vote for Jet Lee, second is steven Seagal, but Tony Jaa i don't believe on him.
@arunr175 (1679)
• India
6 Sep 12
Jet Li - Jet Li an Hollywood actor
Among the three Jet Li is my pic ...
@brimia (6585)
• United States
12 Feb 07
I'd choose Jet Lee. He's small and fast and skilled. Steven Seagal is big and not in the best shape. He's also not fast enough.