Kidney Cancer

October 12, 2006 3:50pm CST
My father is 63 has smoked for 40 years or more has been diagnosed with Kidney cancer we have been told in late stages. The doctors say it has not gone into the bolld stream or bones but they are now looking at his MRI scan to see if it has effected one of his arteries. We are clueless to wether it has pushed up against it or connected itself to it. He was in hospital for 3 weeks with high calcium but now it is they say. In your opinion what does this mean years months what exactly!
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@ilse72 (1453)
• United States
23 Oct 06
I'm sorry but it is hard to give an answer to this because so many factors play into the amount of time left. For example: 1. what form or cancer 2. is it a fast progressing cancer 3. what is your dad's general health 4. how strong is your dad's desire to live 5. does your father still smoke 6. is the doctor considering any treatment The best way to find out how long your father has is to ask the doctor. He would be able to give an informed "estimate" because he would know all the questions above and more. I can tell you that a high calcium level is often indicative of renal cancer (kidney cancer) but it is not a diagnosis...other tests are needed to determine if the high calcium level is due to cancer or to another issue. You said he is going to have an MRI..has he had an IVP, bone scan, cystoscopy or any other tests yet? Good luck to your father. Take each day one at a time and make the most of them; I hope when the tests come back that the news will be better thank you suspect. (I'm an R.N.)