Wats ur sunsign?

Wats ur sunsign ? - Mine is Aries
February 12, 2007 7:58am CST
Wat is ur sunsign? Mine is Aries.
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@a1912ume (47)
• India
14 Feb 07
My sunsign is Sagittarius.
• India
15 Feb 07
Thanx for ur response.
@anonymili (3138)
5 Mar 07
I'm a Libran but I don't much believe in astrology too much. Some people I know say I'm a typical Libran. Apparently we're supposed to be very good at communication skills (which all of my employers over the year bar none would agree with). I am someone who looks at the pros and cons of situations and would say I make balanced arguments about issues which need resolving in a non-confrontational manner. Apparently Librans at work are born diplomats (my boss would agree with that) and the cheery, helpful person everyone likes! Typical traits of Librans include: romantic (no so much true with me) and loving (yes), championing good causes (definitely), a good friend (I certainly try to be), charming (yes everyone I know would agree with that), sincere (I strive to be), fair (definitely) and very communicative (always, sometimes too much - just see how long this post is LOL). Negative traits include: moody (oh yes, I can be), flirtatious (not that I'm aware of), overbearing (I try not to be) and indecisive (again I try not to be). I hope the above has given you some insight into Librans and into me as a person :)
• Pakistan
5 Mar 07
a PuRe CaNcErIaN!!!!!
@sunilkonda (1215)
• India
1 Mar 07
Mine is Cancer...
@ogtuwan (312)
• Philippines
15 Feb 07
I am under Capricorn, which they say is very friendly but very ambitious..