MSN messenger VS ICQ

@jurazg (409)
Croatia (Hrvatska)
February 12, 2007 8:07am CST
Hi, this is one duel. Write what you think what is better, why, why not and things like that. My opinion is that MSN is better because it doesn't have commercials, it looks better, and the navigation, and contatcs are better. You are also connected to Hotmail which is very useful thing because you can always see if you had a new mail.
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@Morticia (419)
12 Feb 07
I currently have Live MSN, and it has commercials... Anyway, by my oppinion, every messenger is better than ICQ, because ICQ is the bigest trash I have ever seen! First of all - it so limited, those emoticons are getting uglier and uglier; it "eats" my virtual memory and has too many unforgivable bugs (like those "custom" statuses that are dissapearing when I turn on media player etc.) .
@jurazg (409)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
12 Feb 07
Yes that's true. And i hate when somebody says to me that MSN is trash yust because he uses icq
@nishanity (1650)
• India
12 Feb 07
i hate both... i use yahoo messenger!!