I need some feedback!! Scam sites!!

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United States
February 12, 2007 10:57am CST
Hello everyone yesterday I started working on a new site... "The Working at Home Guide.." It's still under contruction though. Here is the address www.madlilly.com/theworkfromhome/index.htm As you can see it is very basic!! But I'm looking for some feedback on the site... Do you think that this could work and actually help people and me as well? I'm not posting only referral sites, although that's what I have right now, but some good work from home sites as well. I've been researching for about a year on these sites that I haven't posted... Anyway that's not all I need help with... I need a list of known scam sites... I'm also looking for workers... I'll be posting the e-mail up on the site soon for people that want to do research for the site. The pay won't be that great in the beginning. But I think that it has potential to be a really good site. What do you think? How do i make this a site that people can use to make money? Any feedback will be great... Also remember I do need known scam sites to build my list and warn people... If you have any legit work from home sites that would be great... But they have to be proven to be legit. Thank you for your time
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