where do you think they gave the best show?

@stoody (23)
February 12, 2007 11:19am CST
i think they gave everything in every single show but by my mind in the "Live In Texas" they were the best ever.. and other qustion- what is your favorite song? i think that crawling is the best song they make.. after that in the end and one step closer.. but that only what i think... what do you think?
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@jbshorty (66)
• United States
14 Apr 07
I have seen LP twice in concert. Once in Orlando FL when they toured with Limp Bizkit, and Metalica, and once in Denver Co when they toured with Snoop Dog, and Rage Against the Machine. BOTH were great! My daughter and I couldn't afford to pay the regular price for the tour tickets in Orlando, so we decided to sit outside the stadium and listen for free. We scraped together our last $60 and "hoped" someone would sell us their tickets....sure enough we finally found someone desperate enough to let their $90 EACH pair of tickets go for $60. We RAN into the stadium and found the closest seat available. It was pouring down rain but we didn't care, we were with LP and that was all that mattered! I flew to Denver from Orlando and went to that concert by myself! The friend I was supposed to go with backed out at the last minute and left me "hangin." So, I went SOLO. I didn't care! I didn't travel 2,800 miles for nothing! I still enjoyed LP! I think they are good in concert no matter where they play. They put on an EXCELLENT show with a lot of cool effects. If you ever get the chance go and see them!
@firebolt (73)
• India
17 Feb 07
Well " LP : Live in Texas " was certainly a very good show by them...But i think they were best at the Rock Am Ring 2004...Almost all their songs had different beginning that rockkedd...they mixed up all their songs well...And the energy that they created on the stage was simply fantastic !!!...By far their best as far as i hav seen !!!!