what event changed your life for the better?

February 12, 2007 12:01pm CST
my wife gave birth 2 years ago and i was allowed inside the delivery room and assist the ob-gyne in the process. At first i don't know if i can do it but i did anyways. After witnessing my wife ni labor for 4 hours and finally see the baby a almost faint. Honestly i came out of the hospital a changed man. Only then that i appreciate life more. It made me quit drugs & i'm in the process of quitting smoking ( which is harder to quit than drugs 'coz it's cheap too. ) And also it made me love my wife more. To me she look prettier after that. and it made me love my mother more too.
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• India
12 Feb 07
my break up with my ex had changed my life drastically. it made my life better. i am very happy with my fiance who is very caring and undersatnding and loves me alot. he is a gem of a person. i understood the meaning of relationships n have started respecting them.
• Canada
12 Feb 07
that's a good thing to learn. failure always teach us to be smarter the 2nd time around.