This just in: Paris Hilton may not be a great role model!

United States
February 12, 2007 12:40pm CST
So, my husband and I were flipping the stations last night when one of the "news" channels caught our eye. An "expert" something-or-other was enlightening us all on the fact that media-hungry Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan may not be the perfect role model for your young daughter. Gee, I'm so glad you warned us! I thought it was perfectly fine that my ten year-old was shortening her skirts, begging me for a chihuahua with a tiara, and exclaiming "That's hot" about the littlest things. I didn't think she'd follow in the underage drinking, promiscuity, and self-objectification that are associated with these girls! ...Seriously, people. Have parents SO disconnected themselves from their children that it takes a child psychologist to tell us to keep bad influences away from our kids? Or was this just a late-night time filler intended to grab channel surfers with a flash of the cover "One night in Paris"?Either way...not hot.
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@Wanderlaugh (1623)
• Australia
13 Feb 07
Yeah, not many people can claim to be a health hazard. The market image of these people is horrific. Apparently, according to her, Paris has ADHD, which would make some sense. A person/shopping list permanently glued to a phone, however, is another thing; that’s self-inflicted ADD, at least. Suggest some explanation be handy if your kid searches her on the net, there’s some fairly X rated stuff which is pretty hard to miss. Tacky, but likely to raise some questions. Nobody expects celebrities to be anything more than superficial, but if the image given to kids is of a well dressed vacuum as a role model, you’d have to wonder. As for child psychologists, I think they're trying to drum up some more work for themselves. I have yet to see a single workable idea coming from any of these paid geniuses about disentangling kids from this dismal social image thing they're being blasted with 24/7. Maybe parents do have some use, after all. “One night in Paris….” Sigh…. Well, they say tourism benefits the mind… I wonder why?